Deretil Response

Global leader in side-chains production



This strategy aims to broaden product portfolio and direct the industrial and sales potential towards the new markets. Deretil seeks to maintain and go beyond the prestige and reputation earned since its foundation.


Manufacturing per custom-made contracts

Deretil offers pharmaceutical laboratories the service of producing active chemical elements, that is, intermediate phases of the production chain.


Added value

– High production capacity
– Very tight production costs
– Ample experience in manufacturing of enzymatic processes
– Use of the latest environment-friendly technologies (sewage plant operating with sea water)


New products

Deretil has a record of successful manufacturing of new products and it counts with an ample portfolio of projects at technical and financial evaluation phase. Deretil’s objectives include the search for other products extending to agro-nutrients, cosmetics and food sectors.


Engineering and Maintenance

The Engineering and Maintenance department of the factory is one of Deretil’s development engines that aligns company’s capacity with the current demand by modifying, expanding and designing new production and processing plants. It provides technological responses to the developments brought by the market and overall plant operations and it is also in charge of maintaining the facilities in the perfect operating conditions.

The Company