Deretil Servicios

Deretil Vitatech offers to its clients a wide range of research and development services, bringing state-of-the-art technology for design, development and validation of products, processes or innovative technologies.

We offer customized research and development processes aimed to meet the needs of each client in the multidisciplinary and comprehensive manner in the agro-food, cosmetics, nutraceutics, pharmaceutics and agricultural markets.

Among the principal services offered to our clients we can highlight the following project types:

• Scaling and industrialization of new developments and products of our clients
• Industrial process design
• Design and development of high value-added products based on food industry sub-products
• Design and development of new products with specific composition and functionality, aimed to meed the needs of specific clients and other general market requirements
• Product and process improvement for our clients
• Provision of solutions and technologies in our action fields
• Product functional validation tests: nutraceuticals, cosmetics, agriculture, nutrition, plants, etc.
• Pre-clinical in vivo tests with Caenorhabditis elegans

Deretil Vitatech