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World Water Day 2024

Tomorrow, 22 March 2024, the world comes together to commemorate the annual World Water Day, a crucial opportunity to reflect on the critical importance of water in our lives and take decisive actions to protect and preserve this vital resource for present and future generations. […]

Operators from 21 countries will hold more than 700 meetings at the XIII International Meeting of the Auxiliary Industry of Almería.

A total of 47 Andalusian firms, 31 of them from Almeria, meet with 23 foreign operators in an action organized by the Presidency, Public Administration and the Interior. […]

The 24 international operators participating in the XII Meeting of the Auxiliary Industry show their high interest in the sector.

A total of 45 Andalusian firms, 32 of them from Almería, meet with 24 operators in an action organized by Economy and Knowledge through Extenda. […]

Deretil increases production in Villaricos with its new signatures.

Deretil, the Almeria pharmaceutical giant specialized in the production of amoxicillin continues to diversify its business and has just established two new subsidiaries […]

Deretil shows its experience with handling quality control policies in the business world.

Focused on knowledge and good practices exchange between the companies of the province, Asempal holds a new round of the Benchmark-Almeria Companies program, which, on this occasion, […]

Endesa is awarded Deretil’s power supply.

During the next year, Endesa will handle the energy management of the industrial plant and headquarters of the Deretil company, a manufacturer of chemical and active pharmaceutical ingredients […]

The Deretil Group announces its Quality policy.

Deretil joins the Almeria Michelin Experience Centre and the Playa Hotels Group, prior hosts of this initiative launched by ASEMPAL in 2015. […]

Endesa company is awarded a power supply contract for the Deretil plant.

The contract entails a 57-gigawatt supply volume and it contemplates a set of improvements as far as efficiency plans and power adaptation in the facilities […]

Almeria already counts with a local company that produces agronutrients.

Shortly after its launch and even though the way ahead won’t be easy, Deretil Agronutritional places its trust in growing and growing […]

Agricultural News: Vellsam and Deretil nominated to the Alas Awards.

Thee Almeria-based companies compete with finalists from other provinces in the final phase granted by the Regional Government in Cordoba next January […]

Deretil lauches “Ferroactiv”, a popular agronutrient consumed world-wide.

It is a microelement that supplies iron to plants with iron deficiency […]

Deretil launches a new business line with manufacturing of an agronutrient product.

Spanish multinational company Deretil launches on the market its first product from the agronutrients line. Ferroactiv® is a chelate that provides microelements in the form of iron, an essential element for fighting ferric chlorosis in plants. […]

Deretil purchases 100% shares of the Spanish branch of DSM pharmaceutical company.

The leading company in manufacturing of side chains for antibiotics will shift a production line from the Villaricos plant to China […]