Deretil: History of a company with over 65 years of experience.


Deretil continues its activities in the antibiotics market, dedicated mainly to research and development, production and marketing of raw materials for production of semi-synthetic antibiotics, such as penicillins and cephalosporins. The antibiotics most widely used nowadays are a combination of two components: raw material (derived from penicillin) and another raw material (compounds produced by Deretil). Neither of these components is effective if used alone.


The activities of Deretil Agronutritional don’t stop here, the new company is developing an extensive catalogue of products obtained from its own research or in collaboration with other companies. Additionally, it produces and sells L-Aminoacids under the AminoActiv® brand and mixture of trace elements under the OligoActiv® brand.


Creation of Deretil Agronutritional

It is a new company focused on manufacturing and sales of agronutrients. 2010 was a decisive year for the launch of this new company. Ferroactiv® has consolidated its position on the national and international chelates market, and the synergies created in the sector have been taken advantage of to study new product ranges.


Market launch of FerroActiv®

Spanish multinational company Deretil launches on the market its first product from the agronutrients line. FerroActiv® is a chelate that provides microelements in the form of iron, an essential element for fighting ferric chlorosis in plants. This way, Deretil breaks into the market of manufacturing core products for agriculture becoming on of the few stable iron chelate manufacturers located in Spain, where 95% of sold micronutrients are handled by the large-scale distributors.

2005 – 2009

2005 – Commencement of 2005-2007 Strategic Plan focused on strengthening the business for developing new activities.

2007 – DSM Anti-Infectives announced its new Strategic Plan focused on the core active pharmaceutical ingredients. At the same time, DSM Deretil announced its new restructuring plan. Another key target reached that year was undertaking, with satisfactory results, of the audit focused on compliance with rules on correct amoxicilline manufacturing of the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

2008 – After a long negotiation process, in November 2008 the Management of Deretil purchased the shares of DSM company. Deretil becomes a Spanish multinational company.


A historic milestone occurred at the Villaricos plant (Almeria). It had to do with the industrial production of an anti-infective product (amoxicillin) that was manufactured by using a completely new method that included “green routes” or the “new enzymatic route” for obtaining antibiotics. From that moment on, Deretil became known as a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, since the employed placed us among the leaders in using environment-friendly technologies.

1994 – 1998

1994 – Deretil registered DRUGS MASTER FILES for its products (quality recognition in accordance with the strict requirements of the US market). It obtained the Certification ISO 9002 in 1996.

1996 – The majority of Spanish shares in Deretil’s capital were acquired by the Dutch multinational chemical company DSM, which, acting through DSM Andeno, was Deretil’s main competitor on the global market. After the acquisition it was decided to establish the Business Unit headquarters in Barcelona under the name of DSM Deretil and to focus side chain production in Villaricos (Almeria). Over the next years, this led to the closure or sale of Andeno’s plants in La Plaine (Switzerland), Venlo (Holland), Regensburg (Germany) and Chandigarg (India).

1997 – Deretil increased the production capacity for its most significant products and invested 30,1 million euros into expansion, new infrastructure and environment projects.

1998 – Gist-Brocades company (one of the most important companies in the biotechnology sector) was acquired by the DSM Group. Deretil’s interest in the enzymatic synthesis of antibiotics was increased even further, as well as in the methods for using biotechnology in manufacturing of its products.

During that year, Deretil launched the first waste treatment plant in Europe operating with sea water, thus contributing to the reduction in the consumption of drinking water in Almanzora (Almeria).

1990 – 1991

Deretil begins to manufacture D (-) phenyglycine Dane salt (Danfenil®) and D (-) para-hydroxyphenylglycine (Danoxy ®), offering advanced intermediates to pharmaceutical companies.


Launch of manufacturing and sales of a new intermediate, D (-) para-hydroxyphenylglycine (a side chain used for synthesis of amoxicillin and cefadroxil, amongst other antibiotics). This chemical manufacturing process was replaced by a biotechnological process in 1992.

1975 – 1978

1975 – The company began working in the field of pharmaceutical intermediates, producing and selling D (-) phenylglycine chloride hydrochloride (a side chain used in the synthesis of ampicillin and cephalexin, amongst other antibiotics).
1978 – Launch of the Phenylglycine Base line and discontinued production of bromine derivatives.


1950 – Deretil S.A. commenced its industrial activities in Barcelona at the beginning of 1950s, producing bromine derivatives used in agriculture, until the definite facilities were established in Almeria in 1968. This production line was continued until 1983.