Quality, safety, health and environment policy

Quality, safety, health and environment policy

We at Deretil S.A.U. are aware of the importance a reference framework holds, by setting the worker’s occupational Safety and Health objectives, the working conditions, prevention and risk control, protection and respect for the Environment, the Quality of manufactured products, the search for responsible Innovation as well as the integration of sustainability across the organization. Managing these commitments across all teams in an official way will significantly contribute to the success of our business.

Therefore, the company aims to ensure that its policy is appropriate to the organizational context, taking into account that products and working conditions prevent possible effects on safety, the worker’s health and the environment, that it meets the requirements of our customers and other interested parties whilst driving the business in a sustainable way to continuously provide effectiveness to new demands.

As a consequence and in order to support the company’s strategy, the Quality, Safety, Health and Environment Policy statement, set by the Management, defines the following objectives:

1.- Provide an injury-free workplace and prevent work-related ill-health issues according to the guidelines of Occupational Health and Safety Policies.

2.- Assess and identify continuously, as part of our day-to-day core activities, processes and products with regard to safety, health protection, environment and quality so they remain safe and acceptable to employees, clients, neighboring community and the environment.

3.- Provide a framework for managing all the relevant legislation and other regulatory needs that are applicable within the context of the organization as well as the stakeholders’ expectations through evaluating and approaching risks and opportunities that are appropriate.

4.- Ensure the quality of manufactured products and thus our customers’ satisfaction, aimed to improve health and quality of life.

5.- Guarantee the implementation and maintaining of an effective management systems that complies with the requirements of identity, purity, quality and safety of our products, those that apply to the cosmetic ingredients principle as well to the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (ICH Q7: GMP standards), as a result of the Quality Policy of Centrient Pharmaceuticals.

6.- Maintain the system and management under control to ensure it is continuously driving improvement in a sustained way throughout the time and improvement on environmental performance issues.

The leading guideline of our activities will be:

“Assure compliance with the applicable requirements and guarantee the customers’ satisfaction through the lowest reasonable cost, as easy as possible, with respect for the environment, providing a safe working place and integrating sustainability as well as social responsibility across the organization.”

Barcelona, 4th January, 2021

Antonio Arroyo. Managing Director