Deretil Vitatech is the Research and Development Department of Deretil. The main objective is to generate innovation and provide technical support to other company’s departments through design, development and commissioning of new products and processes, as well as the ongoing contribution of innovative scientific technical solutions.


In order to keep up with the strong and growing technology demand of the sectors and markets served by the company, facilities of Deretil Vitatech company count with the state-of-the.art equipment and highly qualified staff members with ample experience in various areas to ensure efficient development of project and set objectives.


Technological resources and numerous technologies developed by Deretil Vitatech allow us to offer research, development and production services to external companies from biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agri-food, agricultural, cosmetics and chemical sectors.

Manuel Santiandreu

“Our mission is to create value and to contribute to the society’s quality of life through research and development of products and services for nutrition, cosmetics, agri-food and pharmaceutical industries. Manuel Santiandreu, Director of Deretil Vitatech