Deretil Action Areas

Deretil Vitatech focuses its research and resources to innovation and creation of solutions aimed to meet the growing technological demand of the industry. Deretil Vitatech is the R&D centre that collects, organizes and studies technological information for its implementation at the lab, pilot plant and/or industrial scale. Our capacity, experience and specialization contribute to the following lines of work:


• Development of new products and businesses.
• Development of new ingredients and additives with specific functionality.
• Product design, development and functional validation.
• Discovery of natural active principles that are effective with therapeutic targets: ageing, cardiovascular, metabolic syndrome, etc.
• In vitro and in vivo tests of product functional and technological validation.
• Improvement of existing products.
• Design, development and scaling of production processes.
• Obtaining of value-added products based on food industry sub-products.


  • Development of natural extracts and healthy bioactive principles.
  • Functional validation tests
  • Therapeutic and functional targets evaluated by Deretil Vitatech:
    • Antioxidant capacity, protection against free radicals.
    • Antimicrobial capacity.
    • Cardiovascular health.
    • Ageing.
    • Metabolic syndrome and diabetes.
    • Obesity and weight control.
    • Neurodegenerative diseases.


  • Synthesis of allantoin derivatives.
  • Plant extracts with cosmeceutical properties.
  • Functional validation tests.
  • Evaluated functional targets:
    • Antiageing.
    • Cellular regeneration.
    • Sun protection.
    • Anti-inflammatories.
    • Preservatives used in cosmetics.


  • New intermediaries for pharmaceuticals.
  • Pre-clinical trials involving various therapeutic targets with Caenorhabditis elegans.


    Functional food:

  • Natural sweeteners and preservatives.
  • Inclusion and stabilization of natural products in food and beverage production.


  • Plant development biostimulators.
  • Design and formulation of products with specific functionality: disease control, pest control, etc.
  • New formulations for agronutrients.
  • Special fertilizers.
  • Bioinsecticides from extracts.
  • Ecotoxicity tests.